Ryan Calloway is a seasoned visual effects artist living in San Francisco, CA. With a range of abilities in the vfx realm, he focuses on creature and character modeling and texture painting. In addition to VFX for film, Ryan is a freelance 2-d and 3-d designer, a musician, and a dance instructor.

One of Ryan's greatest passions is teaching others. As a representative of the Industrial Light and Magic team, Ryan travelled to Singapore (ILM Singapore and Lucasfilm Animation Singapore) to teach topics such as Mari, Photoshop, ZBrush and proprietary pipeline tools. Ryan is currently an instructor at Academy of Art College, teaching Organic Modelling.

Ryan studied film and 3d computer graphics at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, CA.

Jazz Portraits — Available for sale on Etsy.

Dance Videos and Instruction — For your viewing pleasure on ryanandann.com.

Music with The Hot Baked Goods — Enjoy videos and soundbytes on the Hot Baked Goods site