Bass Drum Custom Decal

Bass Drum Custom Decal

Bass drum custom design for Virginia Tichenor, Ragtime Musician


My good pal, and frequent bandmate, Marty Eggers, came to me with an idea to design a bass drum skin for his wife, Virginia’s 28” (DAMN) bass drum. Virginia comes from a family deeply rooted in Ragtime and Traditional Jazz, and Marty himself is a full-time traditional jazz musician, so the design needed to created with that in mind. These two kitties represent their fluffy friends and Marty was very particular about getting their likenesses – as someone with his own furry fellas tattooed on his arm, I can understand.

The process started on paper, moved to Procreate, then finally into Photoshop where I created a vector version… yes, I did vector in Photoshop, leave me alone.

Clients: Marty Eggers & Virginia Tichenor
Tools: Paper, Procreate, Photoshop
Virginia Tichenor Bass Drum
Process Sketches for Virginia Tichenor's Bass Drum Decal

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