Bebop Royalty

Bebop Royalty

T-shirt design for KCSM public radio pledge drive


Alisa Clancy – Program Director and Host of A Morning Cup of Jazz – hired me to design something celebrating four pioneers of Bebop – Charlie “Bird” Parker, Thelonious Monk, Mary Lou Williams, and Dizzie Gillespie. 

Client: KCSM Radio
Tools: Photoshop
Bebop Royalty Finished T-Shirt Design for KCSM Jazz Radio

Research & Inspiration

At the time I began working on this, I was traveling in D.C. and visiting all of the museums I could and was particularly inspired by Matisse’s cut-outs.

picture of matisse paper cutouts inspiration for KCSM Bebop Jazz T-shirt design

Working with Paper

Returning to the apartment exhausted after museum-ing all day, I did a little cutting out of my own…

Bebop Royalty T-Shirt Design Process Image Paper Cutouts


Next I did some sketching.

Sketches for Bebop Jazz Tshirt Design for KCSM radio

Getting Client Feedback

I created a layout to share with Alisa’s team using my paper cutouts and sketches. 

Bebop Royalty T-Shirt Design Process Image Paper cutouts

Final Review

They dug it and the AD wanted a more literal representation of the victrola, so I sent them the final:

Bebop Royalty T-Shirt Design Process Image Final Draft

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