Album design for Bay Area musician, Cellista


Cellista creates beautiful electronic cello music, often accompanied by other musicians. I was hired to design an album around this original piece of artwork by Joseph Loughborough, and inspired by Cellista’s latest work, Transfigurations. One main challenge was balancing the proportions of the artwork with the dimensions of a printed CD book. If you’re looking for the Golden Ratio, keep looking, it ain’t there! 

The feel needed to be dark and heavy, like the album which is political in nature. You’ll see I explored a number of different directions and after choosing one, continued to explore around that black, red, and white theme playing with lots of different typefaces and fonts.

Client: Cellista
Collaborators: Cover art by Joseph Loughborough
Tools: Photoshop
Cellista Album Finished front cover
Cellista Album process images
Cellista Album Finished inside cover
Cellista Album Finished back cover

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