Jazz Portraits Series

Jazz Portrait Series

50+ Commissioned Pieces for New Orleans Hospital


As a long time student and lover of New Orleans jazz, you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to create a series of jazz portraits for the recently constructed University Medical Center on Canal Street in NOLA. It was a project that took weeks to complete and created a wonderful opportunity to research, explore, and create. Most of the pieces you see here are hanging in the UMC – there were about 50 total.

Client: P-L-A-I-D Inc.
Tools: Pen and Ink, Acrylic Ink

New Orleans, here I come!

Shortly after completing the project, I visited the hospital to see the work on display. I spent a few weeks in New Orleans visiting friends, painting, dancing, and playing clarinet.

New Orleans UMC Visit


Here’s a timelapse video of one of the pieces – a portrait of Doreen Ketchens.

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