Nevermore Jazz Ball

Nevermore Jazz Ball

Design for Nevermore Jazz & Lindy Hop dance event


St Louis is a city with tremendous local pride, and rightfully so. After frequently visiting for a few years for music work, I finally pulled the trigger and made it my full-time home. Shortly thereafter, Nevermore Jazz Ball, a favorite event of today’s Lindy Hop community, took place. I wanted to create a design for the event that represented the city first and the event second. The emphasis of the Nevermore really is on the connection with the city so this was in line with their mission.

Client: Nevermore Jazz Ball
Collaborators: Ghetto Rig Press, St Louis
Tools: Pen and Ink, Procreate, Photoshop
Nevermore Jazz Ball Final Tote Design


Some of the elements I’d been thinking of including were brick (both structure and the “St Louis red brick” color), the arch, and of course the river. Here are some thumbnails.

Nevermore Jazz Ball T-Shirt Design Concept Sketches

Working in Procreate

After getting some ideas down on paper, I moved to Procreate to build on them. Here are some development sketches done on the iPad.

Nevermore Jazz Ball T-Shirt Design Concept Sketches

Final Design

Here’s the final design which Ghetto Rig Press, a local print shop, printed up on some shirts and totes!

Nevermore Jazz Ball Design Concept

Performance Time!

Local dance troupe, the Live Wires, rocked their performance in their shirts!

Nevermore Jazz Ball t-shirt performance

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