Old Sweet Songs – Album & Poster Design

Old Sweet Songs

Album and Poster Design for Cosmo Alleycats


Album and poster design for Bay Area based jazz band, Cosmo Alleycats. Led by Emily Day, this band is one of the giggin’est bands in town. The swing dance community is absolutely gaga over them, understandably. I had the pleasure of working with Emily for this album release and had a great time turning the design into a poster for them to sell at shows. The job just called for an illustration for the cover as Emily & co have technical know-how and skills to assemble and lay out the design for print.

Client: Cosmo Alleycats
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Traditional
Cosmo Alleycats, album cover design
Cosmo Alleycats, poster design

Here are some early sketches which were used to pitch a few directions

Cosmo Alleycats, album design sketches

Callout sheet I made based on some of my own reference and some of Emily’s which she supplied to me. I was grateful for the clarity she had for what she wanted, as well as the flexibility for, and trust in my process.

Cosmo Alleycats, album design reference

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