Rik Panganabin

Portrait of San Francisco dancer, blogger, and foodie, Rik Panganabin.


This piece was commissioned by a group of Rik’s friend as a birthday gift. The piece is based on a photograph by Jessica Keener and was done using a mixture of digital and traditional mediums. It was important to have an original piece of artwork to gift to Rik, so the final was done entirely in ink and watercolor, with sketches and ideation done using Procreate.

I loved this photo of Rik immediately cause it makes him look like a superhero, which one could make a case for. The illustration progresses from Karl the Fog and the GG Bridge peeking through on the left, then Sutro Tower, Coit Tower, Transamerica Pyramid, Salesforce Tower, until the city starts to lose recognition and fall apart, and then you’re in Oakland.

Client: Hanah Yendler
Tools: Procreate, Pen/Ink, Watercolor
Rik Portrait Illustration
Rik Portrait Illustration final
Rik Portrait Illustration Photograph
Rik Portrait Illustration Close up
Rik Portrait Illustration Close up

Happy Birthday, Rik!

Rik Portrait Illustration Tshirt

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